Fine Motor Skills


A booklet that explores fine motor skills and how to support a child or young person with difficulties.

Fine motor skills are an essential part of our development.  They are important for daily activities, such as dressing, personal care, feeding, writing, using scissors and play.  They involve muscles in the arms, hands, fingers, and thumbs.  Some skills need strength, whereas others need small movements.  This booklet explains how fine motor skills develop, how difficulties affect a child or young adult, and activities to develop skills.


I am an occupational therapist who has worked with children and young adults since 1999.  My clinical experience includes a wide range of needs, including complex physical disabilities, learning difficulties, developmental delay, autism, issues with attachment and trauma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, social and communication problems, and issues with social, emotional and mental health needs.  Many of the children and young adults that I support have difficulties with sensory processing, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, handwriting, and self-care skills.

I am very aware that parents and staff use information from different sources.  The information that is available is vast, can be overwhelming, and is time consuming to read.  I have written the booklets as a comprehensive resource for parents and staff based on my extensive clinical experience.  They are designed as a quick reference or to read in depth.  Each booklet has key points to guide the reader and follows a similar format.  There are handouts at the end of each booklet with lists of books, resources and websites.  The booklets are useful for parents, school staff, students and professionals who work with children and young people.  Please consult your local occupational therapist for specific advice as children or young people are individuals and learn or approach tasks in different ways.


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